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Helpful Carpet Tips in Chilliwack for a Healthy Carpet and Household

There’s nothing like the look and feel of a brand new plush carpet. It is soft underfoot and it creates a warm and cozy feeling in just about any room in the home. However, just like any other flooring surface, carpeting requires a little TLC to maintain. The good news is that a healthy carpet promotes a healthy household, and with proper upkeep, your carpet or rug is sure to last for many years to come.

Caring for Your Carpet

Zippee Carpet Cleaners has put together some helpful carpet tips for Chilliwack residents who are looking to maintain a healthy carpet for a healthy home:

Deep Cleaning

Frequency of cleaning should be determined based on household conditions. There are three key steps in a proper maintenance plan:

Vacuum frequently

Clean spills promptly

Professionally clean annually

Remember that in most cases, in order to maintain your texture retention warranty with most carpet manufacturers, you need to have a professional steam cleaning/ hot water extraction at least every 18-24 months.

Preparing for Your Visit

Are you ready to rid your carpet of dust and allergens? Here is how we would like you to prepare for our visit:

We recommend that carpets be vacuumed before we arrive.

As part of our services, we move furniture such as tables, sofas and chairs, but please pick up smaller items off the floor including toys, clothing, shoes, etc.

If there are any fresh spills or stains on your carpet, it is best that you try and absorb the spill or stain with an absorbent towel and then firmly “blot” the affected area with cold water.


The Carpet and Rug Institute Inc., an organization based in Dalton, Georgia, is an organization that monitors and engages on issues related to the carpet industry. Here’s what they have to say about carpet health:

“Health professionals sometimes recommend that allergy and asthma patients remove carpet from their homes. But those recommendations are generally based on faulty assumptions. In fact, clean, dry, well-maintained carpet actually improves air quality." The Carpet and Rig Institute Inc.


Here are more carpet health facts that you may find surprising, courtesy of The Canadian Carpet Institute.


Feeling inspired to have the carpet in your home or business professionally cleaned? Call us for pricing and to book your appointment today.

What Our Past Clients are Have to Say

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